Autosteel - Steel calculation software
Steel Estimation Software

AUTOSTEEL - Steel BBS Calculation From Acad Software

  • Autosteel – Steel Forms a Major Portion of the Cost Incurred by any Builder or Contractor Project so we have designed steel calculation software.
  • It is Crucial to have An Exact Estimate  to Maximize the Profits.
  • The Entire Process of Calculating the Steel Bar Cutting. Lengths/Steel BBS for any Construction Site Manually or Thru Excel is very Tedious, Cumbersome and Time Consuming. 
  • Besides, There are always  Mistakes Taking Place due to Human Errors in Calculations.
  • We have  developed ‘AutoSteel’ software which can convert ACAD/RCC Drawing into Steel Quantities Swiftly and Accurately. 
  • Separete Modules Are Available Suitable for INDIA,UAE,SA,USA & EUROPE Clients.
  • Training for Overseas and India Clients is available Thru Skype/Anydesk/Teamviewer etc.
  • We also Have Separate Module for Contractor Steel Billing.
  • We have Additional Module also available for PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTING (P M C ) with MIS STEEL Reports.
  • Many Civil Enggrs are Working in Individual Capacity as Freelance Estimation Consultants helping Clients in Efficient Site Management.
  • This Estimate works as Perfect Planner For the Builder To Provide Steel Cutting schedule At Site or Factories Provide Readymade Steel Bar cut to Your Sizes with Minimal Wastage.
  • Autosteel Works as Major Cost Saver for Your Project.
  • Steel Optimiser Helps you to Decide How to Cut Steel Cut Lengths From Purchased Steel Bars from The Depots to Save on Wastage.
  • We Also Provide Estimation Services . If You have ACAD drawings: We can Provide you Detailed Estimates From Time To Time. That Way You can have Software also and Estimation Service As A Backup Option.
  • Only Estimation Service is also Available.

Our Clients (For Various Products)


The Opinion Of Our Clients

We are using the Software since last 10 years or More. We have calculated Quantities of All, Our Hi Rise Towers and All Projects using Autoscan & Autosteel. The Software has evolved from being just a Mere Cad Addon Tool to a Massive Performing Asset.We have used All the Modules For Shear wall / Raft Slab / Pt Slab /Flat slab Extensively. Software is Excellent and Work of Days is done in Hours. You just need a Good Cad Operator. Rest the Software takes care. We wish them All Good Luck for Hardwork that they have put in to make A Marvellous Solution

Gurunath Dhavan
DGM Estimation- Marathon Group

We at Jp Infra found this Solution a Ready to Use Application. It took us approx 15 days of Online Training to Actually Calculate the Quantities. We now find it easy to cross check the Quantities at Site and Steel Consumption.The Most Beautiful part is Diameterwise and Shapewise Steel Bar Calculation. Its just Amazing.

Sanjay More
General Manage-Estimation - JP Infra

We at Bakeri Group are a Consulting Firm and we keep innovating on our Operations Procedures and Quality Systems. We found this system of Calculating Quantities and Steel in line with our Thought Process. Its Reliable & Accurate and Simple to use. We found their support quite prompt while training the new staff whenever there is a changeover. They are cooperative & supportive. Its a Good System .

Chetan Shah
Head IT - Bakeri Group

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    Steel calculation software
    Technical Specification – List of items
    Sr.No.SectionItem List
    1FoundationStep Footing, Box Footing , Pile Caps & Piles
    Retaining walls
    Shear walls , Shear walls with door & window cuts 
    Retaining walls with Detailed Steel Bar Cut Lengths
    Rafts of various Types 
    Columns,Plinth Beams , Lift shafts foundations
    PT slab
    Flat slab ,Shuttering of all types
    2CAD Compatibility AutoCAD- 2000 onwards
    3Operating SystemWindows XP onwards
    4UserSingle user
    5HardwareDual core Processor onwards
    Autosteel Steel calculation software

    Autosteel Helps Civil Enggrs so much that Even if the Design Changes Midway : Enggrs are Quite happy to Redo the Same Process as Its Very Easy and with Few clicks in Cad They can do it. 

    1. An Enggr Estimate the Full Project in Minimal time with Least Effort.

    2. Shapewise Bar Cutting For Laps is Generally Headache. WE have           taken care of Lap Lengths so well that Rechecking of cut lengths also is a very simple process : else manually it takes nearly 70% of the effort again to Recheck the Quantities.

    3. You can Make Permutation – Combinations in Steel Bar Cutting with Steel Optimiser to save on Cutting

    Autosteel saves you a lot of money and RETURNS ARE IN LAKHS OF RUPEES/DOLLERS/DIRHAMS.

    1. You can Order Steel Bars systematically.

    2. You can Plan the Steel Cutting from Head Office for Various Sites and Issue Steel Cut Lengths to the Construction Sites and Save Lakhs of Rupees. That way you can Decentralise and Systematise Steel Bar Cutting Process.

    3. You can Reuse Already Existing Steel Bars laying as Wastage.

    4. You Can Systematise Steel Procurement and Cutting At Site.



    Simple To Use

    Software is very simple to use. Any Civil Engineer with Basic Knowledge of Autocad can learn in 2 sittings


    Little Learning Time-Online

    At a click our Trainer can Train Your Civil Engineer  Online thru Skype/Zoom like Tools


    Fast Value for Money

    Work of Days is finished in Minutes. Steel Bar cutting Process is So Simplified. From H.O. you can Manage 10 to 15 Sites At a Time.

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