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Newton Construction ERP

steel calculation software
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Autosteel - Steel calculation software
steel calculation software
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Newton India
Newton India
Erp For Construction Industry
Newton Construction ERP: Streamlining Construction Management with Innovative Solutions

Newton Construction ERP brings simplicity and efficiency to construction project management. Newton understands the issues that the construction industry faces, which is why we created a no-frills, to-the-point ERP system that focuses on the critical features needed for efficient construction management.

Cloud-Based Software 

Software is cloud-based with necessary security parameters, You can access and control your site and sales from anywhere in the world.


Civil Estimation From Drawing- Autoscan :

Our AutoScan tool makes it easier than ever to estimate amounts from drawings. By connecting directly with CAD software, we automate the process of computing BOQs (Bill of Quantities) in Excel with a few clicks. 

Autosteel is a software that automates the process of bar bending schedule preparation, reducing the time and effort required for manual calculations and preparation. It also offers precise and accurate results, improving the quality and efficiency of the construction project.


Modules Tailored to Your Needs

Our ERP system is broken into eight basic components that cover 90% of the work performed by construction companies regularly. We avoid unneeded components that increase complexity without bringing value. Each module is intended to expedite certain duties and simplify complicated procedures, resulting in increased efficiency and production.

Civil Estimation from Drawing – AutoScan and Autosteel :

Our AutoScan tool makes it easier than ever to estimate amounts from drawings. By connecting directly with CAD software, we automate the process of computing BOQs (Bill of Quantities) in Excel with a few clicks.

Autosteel is a software that automates the process of bar bending schedule preparation, reducing the time and effort required for manual calculations and preparation. It also offers precise and accurate results, improving the quality and efficiency of the construction project.

Construction Site Management System E-Site

E-Site streamlines site administration by digitising critical activities including MRN (Material Requisition Note), PO (Purchase Order), GRN (Goods Receipt Note),  stock management, rate analysis, and Variance analysis. With real-time data synchronisation and connection with Tally, our technology gives you comprehensive insight and control over your operations.

Builders Sales Management System E-Flatdeal :

Purchase Management System

Our purchase management solution streamlines the whole procurement process, from defining purchase needs to producing MRNs and POs. Our system provides smooth and efficient procurement processes by including inventory management, material rates, material rate analysis and seamless connection with other modules. Software helps in multiple supplier rate comparison.


Construction Site management System E-site

Contractor-Subcontractor System

Our Contractor management System helps in streamlining work orders, material issue to contractors as per work done, work done at site and much more. Software can generate Normal Bills and R.A Bills for contractors. Contractor payments can be tracked with reference to work done at site i.e Daily progress report

Daily Progress Reports

DPR’s can be filled on mobile using our app. With DPR, user can upload photos of site and also drawing files for Documentation.

Accounting with Tally Connectivity

GST / TDS taxes calculations

Site Expenses and Petty Cash Management

Planning and Budgeting

Task Management with tracking status.

Approvals with Maker and Checker facility for every option

Dashboard and Alerts

Multiple charts and Graphical representation are available in the software. 

Charts for presenting  Pending MRN,PO, Supplier Invoices, Contractor Bills are displayed on the dashboard.Alerts are given on mails and sms and whatsapp as well.Site Progress in comparison  with the estimate is also shownApproval alerts to senior authorities are also sent on emails and whatsapp

Builders Sales Management System  E-Flatdeal

Our E-Flatdeal solution transforms sales management by simplifying the whole sales cycle, from lead creation to closing. Our system, which includes features like lead management, CRM, payment stage generation, demand notices, and interest calculation, guarantees that no leads are lost and that all sales operations are entirely automated.

PreSales Management

  • Portals Connectivity
  • Facebook and website leads can be tracked through our CRM
  • Followup alerts on our mobile app
  • Site Visit reminders
  • Virtual Call Connectivity
  • Leads Status and Quality Management
  • Leads can be bifurcated as per their source of enquiry
  • Multiple Filters for lead management and Reports
  • SMS Mail and WhatsApp alerts

Post Sales Management

  • Quotations and Bookings Management
  • Payments schedules can be created
  • Flat areas and rate per sqft / sqm can be tracked
  • Agreement Letters can be generated
  • Demand letters, Outstanding alerts,can be generated automatically
  • Receipts can be generated
  • Interest calculation done automatically
  • Individual ledgers can be exported
  • GST Amounts are calculated automatically.
  • Graphical Flat Status
  • Unsold / Sold flats status
  • Parking reports
  • All documents of flat owners can be uploaded

Alerts on SMS / Mails and Whatsapp as well

Simple, User-Friendly Interface

Newton believes in creating software that is easy to use and has minimum learning time. Our user-friendly design and online training courses ensure that even civil engineers with minimal Excel skills can rapidly learn and begin using our software efficiently.

Experience the Newton Difference

Join the ranks of our pleased customers who have witnessed the Newton difference personally. From simplifying sales and site operations to improving systems in your company, our ERP system is intended to provide construction companies with the tools they  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Newton Construction ERP stands out for its no-frills, to-the-point approach, focusing on essential elements that 90% of construction firms use on a day-to-day basis. Our system avoids unnecessary modules, ensuring simplicity, efficiency, and maximum value for our clients.

Yes, Newton Construction ERP is designed to cater to the needs of construction firms of all sizes. Our modular system allows clients to customize their ERP experience based on their specific requirements and scale of operations.

Yes, Newton Construction ERP is designed to seamlessly integrate with other software systems, including CAD software, Tally, and more. Our flexible integration capabilities ensure smooth data flow and interoperability between different systems, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Yes, we offer comprehensive training sessions to ensure that our clients are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use Newton Construction ERP. Our online training sessions are conducted by experienced trainers and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Requesting a demo of Newton Construction ERP is simple. You can call or WhatsApp us at +91 9860025353 or +91 9370553796 to schedule a demo at your convenience. Our team will walk you through the features and capabilities of our ERP system and answer any questions you may have.

Allow Newton to be your partner in success.


The Opinion Of Our Clients

The System is Excellent. The CRM and E flatdeal which systematised my leads Mgmt & Stages & Demand Notices. The Site Mgmt automised my site procedures and Quantities From Cad Drawings give me accurate estimates . i have been using these software for the last 3 years & I am very happy with the Approach & Service

We Purchased Eflatdeal First and LaterEsite. It took us Nearly One Month to Implement but we are Happy today that All Our Activities from Receipt,Demand,Outstanding Report, Stages & Interest calculation is Fully Computerised. Even Our Sites are Fully Connected for MRN / Po/ GRn/ Issue

Ajit Yadav
Exe Director - YTT Group

Construction ERP supplied by them is a Masterpiece. I m very happy with their BOQ from Acad Drawing Module & Construction CRM.It required some patience for Customisation but their Team was very cooperative and did the job nicely. Though they charged separately for it.

Ghanashyam Mishra
Kutchi Bhanuishali samaj- VP
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    steel calculation software

    Features of Hr & payroll


    • Employee Details are Recorded Right From Day One .
    • Contains Entire Medical & Insurance profile from Risk Analysis View
    • Employee Skillset is Maintained Neatly and in a Methodic way
    • Family Records and whereabout with Details of Adhar card/Pan Card etc
    • Details for Skill Upgradation and Future Training Facilities Planning
    • Reviewble Format Structure is Created Stagewise 
    • Absentism Analysis / Leave Analysis
    • Details of Any Blacklisting by a Prior Employer For Record Check.
    NEWTON India

    Features land & Legal & Liason

    • It keeps Details of Existing Land Bank & Proposed Land Bank

    • Record of 7/12 Extract , CTS No Details / Any Pending Litigation Details

    • Information About Any Co-Owners , Investors and Their Payment Return Schedules etc.

    • Details of All Cad and Pdf Drawings Stored on a Storage Space on Cloud 

    • Details of all GRAMPANCHAYAT documents with Dates

    • Payment Schedules Completed and Proposed 

    • Captures essence of transactions :JD, JV, Outright purchase, or Redevelopment.

    • All data of Redevelopment Comitees with Members addresses /Nos and

    • Respective Society Documents with PDF and Word Documents 

    Newton India

    Features of Society management

    • Detailed Creation of a Society with the management Infrastructure
    • Creation of Members with Tenament Size /Payment Contribution Details
    • Structure of Employees with wages structure with Medical Details and Addresses 
    • Details of All Sub Contractors for Maintenance of LIft, Parking Trolleys, Automated Car Park Maintenance Schedules with Popups and Alerts
    • Issue of AMC Payments and Reminders.
    • Collect Monthly Receivables.
    • Create Task Alerts on Weekly basis for Planned and Executed work
    Newton India

    Features of Lead Management

    • Tracking All Leads From all Sources like 99acres,Magicbricks etc
    • Mapping of Leads from Websites to the CRM for Analysis.
    • Automatic Allotment of Leads by Quality to a Respective Salesman
    • Tracking The Efficiency of Leads Campaign like Hoarding vs Exhibition vs paper  Advts vs Radio Campaign vs Tv Advt Campaign
    • Tracking Efficiency of All The Campaigns Cost vs Receipt of Leads. 
    • Pre-Sales and Post Sales Management.
    • Making sure a Lead is Not Lost Even if a Salesman Exits Midway
    • Capturing of All Call Details At All Levels With End Customer and Pushing the Deal Towards Conversion.
    • Integration of Inbound and Outbound Calls with a Call Recording Software 
    • Integrating with a AUTO Forwarding No If Requested.
    • Targets Analysis Per Sales Person and Actuals Performed.
    Newton Software Pvt Ltd

    Features of  Purchase Module 

    • Create Purchase Requirement and MRN
    • Get All The Data To The HO Server to Facilitate the PO – Online
    • Make sure All The Masters are Available on Central Server 
    • Maintain Details of All Po’s Released / Cancelled / Modifies – Time to Time
    • Inventory Management.
    • Transfer of Materials from One-Site to Another.
    • Transportation / Transporter management with Eway Bills.
    • Scrap Sales of Materials.
    • Making Sure The Systems Are Connected End To End.
    Newton India

    Features of  Asset management

    • Creates Asset register- Like Dozers, Pumps, Cars, Ups, Construction Equipment
    • Asset Periodical Maintenance with Separate Bills & Warranties
    • Asset Insurance and warranty tracking
    • Depreciation Alerts From Time to Time and Screapping Old Items.
    • Allocation of Asset/Machine To-Fro From A Particular Site
    • Tracking Allotment of Each Asset To Atleast One Individual.
    • Voucher Creation with Individuals Signature for Asset Allotment.
    • Employee Clearance Before Leaving The Organisation for Clearing of Asset Allocation – Prior if Any ( Like Laptops,UPS Etc )
    • Tracking Utilisation of Assets.
    • Raising the Purchase Request for Purchase of Any New Asset.
    Newton Software Pvt Ltd

    Simple To Use

    Software is very simple to use. Any Civil Engineer with basic Knowledge of Excel or Word can learn in a short Time

    Newton Software Pvt Ltd

    Little Learning Time-Online

    At a click our trainer can train your person online thru skype/amyadmin like tools

    Newton Software Pvt Ltd

    Fast Value for Money

    Complicated Integration of Site data with Office is done Methodically.

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