visitor gatepass system paperless

EGATEPASS-VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM-PAPERLESS - SME / Corporates / Banks / Schools / Colleges / Govt

EGATEPASS-PAPERLESS is basically a Software Meant for Visitor Entry Exit Management.

1. It does not require Kiosk 

2. It does not Expensive Hardware maintenance

3. It can be configured within 2 Hours

4. Prints pass on Mobile Qr Code or a small Ticket Printer (Optional)

5. It is sold Globally Easily as its Simple to Configure & Support

6. International Clients from UAE & Europe & USA can have a Trial

7. You just need Set of Mobiles / Cloud space

8. Keeps Unwanted Visitors away- Follows International Safety Standa


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    Technical Specification – List of items
    Sr.No.SectionItem List

    Mobile – Android 
    Mobie – Iphone
    WiFi Network
    Thermal Printer – 80mm (Optional)
    Car No Plate Scanner  (Optional)

    3Operating SystemWindows XP onwards
    4UserSingle user / Cloud/ Server
    5HardwareDual core Processor onwards

    Why Choose e-gatepass -paperless


    It has a Beautiful Facility : If a Visitor stays beyond a Certain Limit : AFTER THE CONCERNED TIME LAPSE System Auto Generates Alerts to

    1. Security
    2. HR 
    3. To the Employee Concerned and
    4. To The Concerned visitor to exit the Premises

    This way people cant loiter in the premises Unofficially and Visit to Departments where they are not supposed to visit

    Its Very Easy to Install- Easy for Overseas clients also 

    • Can be Installed in 2 Hours 
    • WE take Remote access and Can be Installed thru Skype/ Anydesk
    • Cloud can be yours and so the Data security is Entirely with you
    • Security can be Configured at 3 levels 
    1. Hr
    2. Department Head
    3. Individual Employee to whom visitors visit

    Its Very Easy To Use- Easy for Global Clients also

    Requires a Maximum Trainig of One Hour to security at the Gate
    Requires a Maximum training of One Hour to the IT head about the . Access Levels in the software . Like Admin Rights etc

    Control thru Remote

    • IT can control the Software at the Gate thru Head office also
    • At Factory you can have 2 levels – one level control is From Head Office other is thru factory or company HR or IT cabin

    Our Support

      • We have exclusive and Neatly Trained Team available who can service your Software / Hardware Setup at the Pickof a Call.


    This Request is sent for Approval By the Immediate Superior or the Department Head.

    Once the Department Head has approved the Visit:  the Pass Is Generated and sent to the Concerned Person.

    On Arrival only the Code is scanned and the Person can visit the Company / Factory / Bank / Institution Premises .

    1. Guard sends the Photo of the Visitor to the Employee concerned in the Company

     2.The Person concerned can see the Alert and Give the Approval on the Mobile itself

    3.There is also a provision for Concerned Employees Superiors approval : That also can be managed on the Mobile Itself.

    4.Once the Superior has Shown the Approval with a click : An OTP is Generated and sent to Visitors Mobile and on The Mobile at the Gate

    5.Post that a Visitor Can Enter the Company Premises

    1.NO of Visitors in the Premises at a Time

    2.Contact Details in case of Emergency

    Govt has made it very strict under factory company security compliance policy.

    You have at the tip of fingure all data of visitors in the Premises

    1.Job Trainees

    2.Client Trainees

    3.People visiting on Technical Assignments

    You need not make a pass for them Daily. Once the Tenure is over : The Qr code or the Scanner will Bar the Entry. 

    You can then Issue a New Pass for them

    An Egatepass Demo

    We You can witness an exclusive Demo where you can note following features 1.Person with knowledge of acad can learn it very easily 2. work of days is done in minutes 3. Any trained civil engineers can start taking out Quantities from Day one

    The Opinion Of Our Clients

    Its a Simple system to Implement. It is very easy to use and surprisingly it has 3 stages . Gate Security / Dept Head / Actual Visitor. Its an Amazing system that works thru Mobile & Internet.

    Ravi khirsagar

    We have descreased the the Visitor waiting time. Visitor get express entry in premises and meet with the right person without any hassle. By experiencing such In-Out process, visitors are very happy and we get very good impressions.

    The visitor management system from Newton Software is very great as it helps a lot to improve the image of our entry desk area by having a nice-looking system at the main entrance where all our visitors come through. It is a lot more appealing to the eye compared to the three different signings in books we had.

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