Visitor Management System forms a Major Entry Level Product Focus for All Excellent Infrastructure Prioritising companies.

It Systematises Users Experience with Your Company at Reception

Crates a Brand Image In the Mind of The Client

Makes sure There is no Undue Waiting At Reception as The Employee Concerned in the Company to who the Visitor has come to see is Not Aware of His/Her Arrival At The Reception.

Makes a Visitor Feel The Due Respect is Awarded during the Visit To Your Company Premises

In Short to a Major Satisfaction to The Visitor : The Company Visit starts on A Good Note.

Why paperless Visitor System?

LIn The Last Two Years Internet /Wifi / Mobile Speed / Data Connectivity has Grown so rapidly : So also the Systems in Software.

In earlier times or even now We Provide ATM Type Kiosk Based Systems with Touchscreens and Thermal printers Connected to it. 

As The Visitor Visits the Company: The Visitor inserts the Card into the Scanner and Enters Minor Details and We generate The Pass with Barcode. 

Fine Excellent : It Creates a Methodical and Systematic Entry and Exit For The Visitor with All data available on the Server with All Due Records like 

1. No Of Visitors / Repeats 

2. No Of people in the Company Premises with their addresses and Phone Nos in case of Immergency etc.

But Over the Time : Came a Mobile Revolution : So we could Totally Fit The Same Capable Entire System on a Small Mobile. 

Same Result & Better Performance is Generated with This paperless and Online System operating thru Internate / Mobile Network / Qr Codes Etc.

How Does It work ?

Either the Visitor Can Fix the Appointment thru the Presceduler and visit The premises :

 The Visitor can Enter The Premises and the Security Guard can Take His / Her Photo and Place the Name of The Visitor and then Employee to whom He / She Has come to visit .

After That The System Send The OTP to the Mobile of the Visitor (Optional )

After That It Sends the Message thru Sms / Whatsapp / Mail to the Employee : Once The Employee Approves then It Sends “Ok” Message and Qr Code to the Visitors Mobile. 

Once the Visitor starts the Visit in the Premises : It keeps sending the Alerts about the Visitors presence in the Premise to the Gate Security / Concerned Employee .

At the Exit The same QR code is scanned again for Confirming the Exit of the Concerned Visitor.


1. No Heavy Hardware Costs or Kiosks Costing 1 to 2 lakh

2. No Thermal Printer 

3. No Paper Roll Purchase and Headaches

4. Can be Serviced Online Anywhere Thru Remote Access

5. Floor Level or Building level Entry of the Visitor can be Restricted

6. Implemented within 3 to 5 Hours

7. Even If Your factory or Premises is at Remote Location : Trial and Actual Implementation is SUPERFAST

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