AutoSteel – Why & Necessity…….

AutoSteel – Why & Necessity…….

Steel Bar Cutting Length forms a Major Tough Task in Construction Estimation. 

Apparently People Open Cad Drawing in One Window and Excel in another window . After that Starts the cumbersome task of zooming in the Cad Drawing and Measure the Length and then Click into Another window of Excel and type The Figure Again. 

This Arduous Task still being Done by many Civil Engineers happily. But Now THE GOOD NEWS is we have a solution which works on the same concept but is FAR MORE EASIER TO USE and VERY SATISFYING to use.

Same Expertise Of yours In Acad and Excel is Integrated and taken to the NEXT LEVEL. 

Work Of days is done in Minutes. You Can witness the same SET OF REPETITIVE COMMANDS are Automated Beautifully.

The Intelligence of a Civil Engineer is TAKEN to the Next Level in Cutting the Costs in Steel Bar Cutting. 

Autosteel Revolutionises the Way you Calculate the Steel Quantities.

Efforts & Results

Its the Same Work in the Same Acad Software : Only The Difference is the same work is BEAUTIFULLY INTEGRATED into Set Of Commands to Make Your Work Very Very Easy.

So That Earlier Thrill to Work on Steel Quantities is made Exciting while using the AUTOSTEEL software.

Newton India

Once You Start using it : You will carry the same software and the Expertise that you have developed to EVERY WORK PLACE you Venture into. You carry a New Technology with a Special Weitage to your Biodata & Image.

Cost saving in Millions

The software comes as a Great value Addition tool that Helps you the Cut down the Steel bar cutting costs by Nearly 20% or More.

1. People make Mistakes in Lap Calculations

2. Staggered laps are Calculated Wrong

3. Steel in Continuous Beams & Slabs is Not Accurate

4. Manually Its Impossible to Optimise on the Steel Bar Cutting Lengths 

Autosteel is a very Simple and Effective Tool to Solve All The Problems.

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