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PcArchitect-Udcpr -Simple System For Planning,Centreline, Area Calculation & Submission Drawing

 PcArchitect software

Pc Architect-2D is a Cad based Architectural Software developed Under the Guidance of Group of leading Architects across India and abroad.

Everybody now a days has One or the other Shortcuts developed at the smaller level; But Pc-Architect comes to you as a Total Solution which takes care of All the Requirements of a Design Studio on Cad software.

PC Architect automates the drafting procedures in Cad giving you automated modules to place rooms, doors & windows along with the dimensions and the room text; simultaneously presenting dimensions in FPS and MKS.


PcArchitect is so userfriendly that even the Training is done online for a maximum Half an Hour and a person can start using the Software.

A Few Clicks inside Cad and the Output is available in next window

Its a Pleasure to work on the Software



PcArchitect makes you Drafting look like a sculputure with Detailed Markings across the Drawing Project. Your clients and Contractors can feel the Difference in the Earlier Drawing Detailing and the New Projects Drawing.

1. Your submission Drawings are so Fast : next day you are going with a Detailed New Drawing for Renewed Sanction.

2. Liason with a Municipal Corporation is a Piece of Cake and The Client can see a VISIBLE DIFFERENCE in the service provided by you.

3. Even if a Skilled Operator quits : still a new person can takeover the detaining with same efficiency. 

You just have to pay nominal for NEW TRAINING ONLINE FOR new person and YOU ARE ON.


Simple To Use

Software is very simple to use. Any Civil Engineer with basic Knowledge of Autocad can learn in 2 sittings


Little Learning Time-Online

At a click our trainer can train your person online thru skype/amyadmin like tools


Fast Value for Money

Work of Days is finished in Minutes. Your person can be trained on your live project


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