Thu 17 January 2019
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Construction Site Management Software: Stop Playing The Guessing Game

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Construction Site Management Software: Stop Playing The Guessing Game

Even small and medium size construction companies can have very detailed projects. Even a project of adding one room, involves a lot from permits to foundations and framing to electrical and finishing. Add in HVAC and it not difficult to see how big a small project can be.

There are several methods to handle these details. These include spreadsheets, white boards, poster boards and magnet boards. These are good tools, but provide all the information in pieces, separately. All of the scheduling and timing issues are managed manually. If there is a delay due to a vendor or weather, all of the timing is reschedules manually. And time is money.

The challenge of manually managing details becomes obvious when considering buying materials. Purchases must be done beforehand and delivered in time to be used. Present supplies, supplies required and materials used are all kept track of. This requires a well manage and complete materials list. Purchases must be done wisely coordinated with internal project deadlines, and may need to quickly change depending on unexpected situations like weather or work delays.

Cash flow can also become an issue when using various tools to manage a project. Generally, money is taken only when it is required in order to eliminate unnecessary finance charges. If there is an inconsistency or snitch in the plan, money can be borrowed that is not required yet. All borrowing has to be done in a timely way or interest will increase the budget.

This all combines at the work site; managing the tools, managing the cash, managing the materials and managing the cash. It comes down to the hard work, guesswork and luck, which if the constructor survives, turn to experienced.

Construction site management software makes guesswork irrelevant and streamlines any job. Today’s site management software makes it a lot simpler to plan projects, and carefully schedule the ordering and delivering of materials. Coordinating the several project details becomes efficient yet simple making manual techniques a thing of the past. Not only does site management software streamlines your construction work, but it often comes with accounting software. So, even managing money becomes easier, especially during tax time.

There are two methods to do handle construction projects: years of experience and guesswork or with construction software to get the features that make working easier. So, you can either use old-fashioned technique and spend more time managing things or you can get construction site management software to save time and money.

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