Fri 16 November 2018
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Construction Cost Estimating Software: What It Is All About

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Construction Cost Estimating Software: What It Is All About

There are many books on estimating construction project costs. Also thousands of manuals, spreadsheets, price indexes, rules of thumb and tools are available. The key purpose of construction cost estimating is to ensure profitable business and satisfied clients. However, it can too fast turn into loss of money or loss of customer, in case the estimates are too low or too high. It is no wonder that professionals are ready to spend time as well as money to find the best way to do it.

Still the truth is there is no perfect guide to construction cost estimating. The reason is simple, the best estimating you can do for your construction business depends on a number of factors; below we are mentioning a few.

  • The construction project for which the price estimate is to be made
  • Accurate, efficient tools and processes
  • Your cost estimating judgment and experience

Even if cost estimating best practices and standards can benefit processes, and a project if allows to re-use other effective cost estimates, experience differs in every case. No two estimators have worked on the same type of projects. No two builders have the same capabilities, constraints and track record. Best construction cost estimating advice must be specific to you and your business.

Construction cost estimating is mainly about three things:

  • Money: You calculate your cost, apply your profit, and provide the sum to the client
  • Accuracy: Your business will only grow if your price estimating is correct, so you have to make a profit without giving your clients any unpleasant surprises changing the final amount to be paid from pre-construction estimate.
  • Speed: Clients want their estimates fast. For industrial and commercial projects, clients are unlikely to wait for weeks to get a quote.

To meet all above mentioned criteria, you might need an effective tool like a construction estimating software.

Construction software: can you really live without it?

Businesses these days rely on computers and software for a number of processes. As a result, using software proves helpful and allows achieving great results, saving time and money.

Suitable software solutions don’t have to be complex or costly. But it must have key features like:

  • Provides swift rate analysis and estimation
  • Ready rate analysis of 2000 items from DSR / CPWD / ASR is available
  • Lead and lift option is available
  • Is useful to float a tender and also to quote for a tender
  • Includes many post-tender project management tools.
  • Has connection to MS Project.
  • Has connection to Excel.




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