Thu 17 January 2019
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6 Benefits of E-Gatepass Visitor Management System

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6 Benefits of E-Gatepass Visitor Management System

When you run an organisation, then you have to keep several security as well as other factors in mind to safeguard the working and the safety of the employees. Gate pass systems have always been the best safety features that have been used to track visitors who come to visit a facility. This lets you to keep a track on all the individuals who have entered and exited the premises and you can fetch all the details according to the date and time. Here are some of the benefits of having E-Gatepass Visitor Management system.

  1. Accurate

E-Gatepass Visitor Management system is very accurate as compared to the manual form of entering the details of each person who is taking an entry in the organisation. In E-Gatepass Visitor Management, a member is issued an electronic pass at the gate after getting all the details and contact information of the person visiting the faculty. The pass is then used by the person to take an entry and all the information is uploaded on the server.

  1. Reporting

When the information is stored at the system, you have an option to gain the access of all of it, just with login by entering user name and password. This allows you the ability to search, sort, analyze, and retrieve visitor data for any given time frame. You also have an option to generate the reports on all the visitors and can even have the information in the mail format. All the information that is stores is very useful at the time of investigations or to audit billings of vendors and contractors.

  1. Speed

You don’t have to wait for hours before the information is handed and al lyou have to do are to click and get all the info that you need. The beauty of the E-Gatepass Visitor Management system is all the necessary information is there when and where you need it.

  1. Pre-registration

If you know about someone who is going to visit the facility at particular time of the day, then you can make a pre registration of the visitor and can add all the related information. This speeds up the sign-in process when the visitor actually arrives.

  1. Adding Up A Photograph

The system also allows you to add up the picture of the person who has visited the premises. The picture can be added to the badge that has been issued and can be stored into the system as well. E-Gatepass Visitor Management system also allows you to compare the pictures at the time of security breaches.

  1. Returning Visitor Recognition

If the visitor has already visited the premises, then you can have the details of the person the moment you are going to enter the same name. This allows you to use the information already stored and this saves you lot of time and effort.





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